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  • Biosine Complex® is an advanced combination of ingredients that soothe, soften and moisturize for maximum tanning results
  • Skin Softening Blend mixes Sunflower Oil and Aloe Vera to nourish and moisturize for a hydrated, radiant glow
  • Vitamins A and E help neutralize free radicals for a more youthful complexion
    Luxurious Feel 
    imparts a light dose of Silicone and Glycerin to allow for easy spreadability, quick absorption and a luxurious feel to the skin

Fragrance: Cocoa Dreams

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With Native Australian Oils and Vitamins A and E, this exotic blend is a superb tanning formula, which allows your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows! Exclusive Biosine Complex® formula carries nutrients, moisturizers and protectants keeping your skin hydrated and conditioned to allow maximum UV stimulated melanin (tanning) production.


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