Mayhem Tingle

Mayhem Tingle


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  • Balanced Bronze: Caramel imparts immediate color to the skin that compliments the red tones from the Hissing Heat Technology for a beautiful, balanced bronze while DHA works to build deep, even color.
  • Hissing Heat: Experience this tingle technology designed to increase microcirculation
    in the skin, revealing a sultry flush while helping to accelerate color development. Also containing skin hydrating ingredients, Hissing Heat delivers darker-looking, glistening color.
  • Beauty is Pain Complex: Takes the flowers and stems from the thorn tree that are rich in Phytochemicals and nourishing nutrients to help combat oxidative stress to the skin. Paired with Niacinamide, this helps to improve elasticity and the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Slithering Silicones: Formulated with silicones to easily glide on the skin while leaving a silky, light after-feel.
  • Coconut Oil: Helps to protect skin by improving barrier function and is packed with fatty acids and nutrients for intense hydration to allow for a deeper tan.

Fragrance: Blackberry Bite

*Not recommended for beginner tanners or those who do not have experience using tingle lotions!

Out of stock


Haven’t you heard? Beauty is pain. Let chaos in and feel the heat from this venomous tingle. Don’t wreak havoc on your skin; Hissing Heat includes ultra-hydrating ingredients for a glistening, radiant glow Balanced Bronze combines Caramel and DHA for crazy color that compliments the red hues from Hissing Heat. Coconut oil contains fatty acids to improve skin barrier function to help protect the skin. When Mayhem ensues, don’t run from it… embrace it.


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