Face + Legs

    • Aloe-Base: High level of concentrated aloe vera gel heals, soothes and moisturizes for healthy, smooth skin
    • Face Saver Technology: Concentrated ActivAloe® and Australian native Kakadu Plum blended perfectly for a hydrated and nourished youthful complexion
    • DermaDark® Bronzer: A powerful, natural color-enhancing blend for quick streak-free, dark color
    • Soothing Skincare: Flawless blend of Green Tea, Acai Fruit and Chamomile Extracts soothe and moisturize for touchable soft skin
    • Feel radiant with this light and crisp Fresh Face fragrance enhanced with ATO inhibitors
    DermaDark® is an exclusive Australian Gold® bronzing agent. This tanning technology works to help induce your natural melanin biosynthesis, naturally oxidizing your melanin, and leading to increased pigmentation, even without UV exposure.
  • They can see it in your face with this top-of-the-line facial tanning lotion! Featuring a unique formula that helps to stimulate collagen production while providing a smooth tanning canvas for even, dark color. Unique DermaDark® Bronzers allow for a streak-free golden hue, with or without the use of UV. This specially formulated facial bronzer allows for use daily as part of your daily skincare routine for a beautiful complexion.
    • LEGit Bronzers is a decadent blend of colorants and melanin that deliver immediate color to the legs, while Tyrosine stimulates melanin production for a boost of golden color. DHA then ensures darker, developed bronzed perfection hours after the session
    • Silky Softness Complex blends Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Agave Extract to soothe, condition, hydrate and nourish for soft, smooth legs
    • Perfection Blend utilizes Grapefruit and Lemon Peel Extracts to balance skin tone, condition and provide antioxidants for a radiant, hydrated glow
    • Vitamin Elixir uses Vitamin E to help provide antioxidant power to help fight free radicals for luminous skin
    • Silicone forms a barrier on the skin that helps minimize water loss, ensures lasting hydration and improves skin’s smoothness for flawless, even coverage with a soft after-feel
    Fragrance: Fruity Floral
    • Mild Cleansing Formula gently removes gently removes makeup or other impurities that could inhibit the tanning process
    • Green Tea Extract is a natural antioxidant that helps fight fine lines and wrinkles
    • Hemp Seed Oil conditions and moisturizes for radiant, hydrated skin
    Fragrance: About Face Includes 1 towelette.
    • Vivid Intensifying Technology: Develop and build the perfect base tan for longer lasting color and radiance.Tyrosine help to induce skin pigmentation for a beautiful tan.
    • Sleek Moisture Technology: Vitamin B combines with other ingredients to quench thirsty skin and helps to restore skin softness and smoothness leaving skin healthier looking. Not only does Vitamin B help provide the skin with a deeper tan, it’s known to retain moisture in the skin by having a significant effect on improving skin barrier function.
    • Kombucha: Provides fresh skin and is known to increase skin luminosity and clarity. Rich in Vitamin B & C and Organic Acids that are essential for general skin health
    Fragrance Free
  • Always put your best face forward. This intensifier is uniquely designed for delicate facial skin promoting a uniform golden glow. Clear Complexion Complex soothes and heals for picture perfect skin. Luscious Firming Blend tightens, nourishes and firms skin for a youthful radiance. Shine Control controls oil leaving you with perfectly flawless shine-free skin. Hypoallergenic properties allow even those with the most sensitive skin to have golden Smooth Faces®!
    • Dark Leg Bronzer: Black Walnut, Henna, and DHA allow for short and longterm color, for perfect, rich results that will last
    • Caffeine: Helps to promote a firm and radiant appearance to the skin
    • Shave Minimizers: Beeswax and other emollients work together to slow hair growth and help achieve a cleaner, closer shave
    • Silicone: Helps lock in moisture, leaving a velvety smooth afterfeel
    • Formulated to combat against ATO
    Fragrance: Blackberry Amber
    • Sultry Bronzing Blend: Caramel imparts an immediate color to the skin, while Black Walnut Shell works to develop golden, natural results. A high dose of DHA ensures darker, developed color results continue to build even hours after your session. A unique Warming technology helps increase blood flow (without irritation or tingling) to the skin which allows for instantly darker bronze results
    • Shave Mnimizer Blend: Decadent combination of moisturizing ingredients, including Shea Butter, and a unique botantical that help slow hair growth and minimize the appearance of hair follicles, while hydrating and smoothing for touchably, soft legs
    • Protect & Tone Complex: Caffeine, Stevia and Green Tea combine to help provide a boost of toning and rejuvenation, while protecting against free radicals for a beautiful, youthful complexion
    • Hypoallergenic
    Fragrance: Agave Nectar


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